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Choosing the Right Homeschool Art Curriculum: Lessons, Classes, or Kit?

Art is undoubtedly essential for every child’s development, whether homeschooled or not. Art provides an incredible outlet for self-expression, encourages original thinking, and promotes creativity. Homeschooling allows parents to take control of their child’s education and immerse them more deeply in art. But, with so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. In this blog post, we will discuss three popular homeschool art curriculum options – lessons, classes, and kits – to help you make an informed and confident decision. Whether your child is a budding artist or simply loves to express themselves through art, there’s sure to be a curriculum on this list that is just right for them!

Homeschool Art Lessons

Homeschool art lessons are pre-designed art classes that are created for children to follow along at home. These lessons are ideal for parents who want to teach their children basic art concepts and techniques. A significant benefit of homeschool art lessons is the flexibility that they provide to families. You can use the lessons on your schedule, at your own pace, and with as many children as you want.

When choosing homeschool art lessons, it is essential to pick a program that includes various art forms, such as painting, drawing, and sculpture. Additionally, you want to look for a curriculum that provides clear instructions, detailed illustrations, and materials lists.

Here are some popular homeschool art lesson providers:


Creating a Masterpiece

Atelier Homeschool Art

Art For Kids Hub

Deep Space Sparkle

Great Artist Program

Homeschool Art Classes

Homeschool art classes are live or recorded sessions offered by art educators via various mediums, including online classes and local art schools. These classes usually teach advanced and complex art concepts and techniques than homeschool lessons. Many art classes also provide critique and feedback to students.

Homeschool art classes are ideal for homeschool students who crave more interaction with art professionals and other students. You can also choose a class that caters to your child’s interests, such as digital art, animation, or pottery. When choosing an art class, make sure that the curriculum is grade-appropriate and provides flexible timings to accommodate your homeschooling schedule.

Here are some great art class providers:

Nimmy’s Art

The Virtual Instructor


You Are an Artist

Homeschool Art Kits

Homeschool art kits are subscription boxes that provide all the necessary materials and instructions required to complete an art project. Art kits are a great option for parents who want to provide a creative outlet for their children but do not have expertise in art. Art kits have pre-packaged materials that are easy to use, and the instructions are simple enough for students to follow on their own.

When choosing an art kit, look for kits that offer a range of art projects and techniques that cater to your child’s interests.

Here are some of the best homeschool art kit providers:

Kids Art Box

Homeschool Art Box


Green Kid Crafts

Make Art a Shared Adventure

Enhance your child’s experience by starting an art group or co-op that meets weekly to experience the lessons together. Getting together with other homeschoolers for art can help unleash your child’s creativity in a friendly and enjoyable environment.

Homeschool art curriculum options such as homeschool art lessons, classes, and kits have become more accessible and affordable in recent years. Each option provides unique benefits to homeschool families, depending on their preferences and goals. When choosing the right art curriculum, you need to consider your child’s interests, learning style, and skill level. Give them the freedom to explore different art forms and techniques, express themselves creatively, and have fun while learning. Happy homeschooling!

I would love to hear about your favorite art curriculum in the comments below!

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